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Read about our research in Science in issue published on 02/07/2014!

The IBIS - Innovative Biomedical Instruments and Systems lab
performs research on nano-instruments and bio-sensors applied to advanced diagnostics, imaging and treatment. Our research lies on the border of photonics, nanotechnology, bioimaging and microfluidics. We take a quantative approach to technology design, and take projects all the way from careful design and optimization to fabrication and application to real word problems.

The head of the IBIS lab is Professor Anna Pyayt who joined USF after being an NSF CIFellow and Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University. She earned her dual Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Nanotechnology from the University of Washington. One of her inventions - Telescopic Pixel (a competitor to LCD) that Dr. Pyayt created in collaboration with Microsoft Research gained international media attention, was highlighted in high-profile journals like Nature, and other top scientific venues. The original publication was translated into more than 30 languages worldwide. She was also the first scientist to demonstrate a novel optical interconnect between a photonic and multiple plasmonic waveguides enabling fabrication of new Biomedical nano-chips (published in Nature Nanotechnology).

Prof. Pyayt's Research Group


October 2014 We are the finalists of Nokia 2.25M Global X-Prize Competition!

April 2014 Congratulations to Arseny who received full support, tuition, insurance and travel funding for 5 years!

March 2014 Congratulations to Prof. Pyayt who received funding for the Single-cell Endoscope research project

February 2014 NSF coverage of the winners of the 2013 International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge

September 2013 Congratulations to Prof. Pyayt who received funding for the Continuous Drug Delivery research project
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